Imagine. The date is set. You RSVP and pay, then show up for dinner. You have no clue what will be on the menu until you arrive. Just like when you came home from school and mom was cooking something for dinner.
This is a dining experience in a private home, at someone's personal dining table, where the meal has been made just for you and you don't have to do a thing, not even know what will be served.

JD (Jean-Duc) grew up in France and has lived in the US for almost 30 years. He's rich with the culture of France, Vietnam, and the United States, with a family that was in the restaurant business for three generations. Cindy is from Maine with a French Canadian New England Downeast background. Between the two, you will have the opportunity to share in their everyday good food and recipes passed on to them from their families.

Some dishes are fancy china worthy meals, while others are "stand at the counter and eat" because they are too good to take the time to sit down at the table.
So sign up, come enjoy everyday good food and good company with JD and Cindy.